Image is everything!

What kind of image does a prospective customer get, if they see that your telephone number is a mobile phone? If you even have a web site, is the domain name your company? If your web site and email address is provided by one of the large service providers, prospects assume that you are a small business. Should they still telephone your business, do they get a voicemail or answering machine response? If a prospect's first contact is unsatisfactory, will they be reluctant to give you their business?

is the answer.

Our friendly, professional receptionist will answer your customer's calls in your company's name. We are here to reassure your potential clients that you are an established company and to be your virtual receptionist. Messages will be taken and transmitted to you in the manner appropriate to your business. SMS, e-mail , or you can check them on-line at your convenience. If you are a small or medium enterprise, you will be acutely aware of how difficult it is to balance your time between the core business you are so good at, with the administrative demand of running a business. In particular, the image you present to prospects starts with their first call to your advertised phone number.

Using your present landline number, forwarded to us, calls are answered in your company's name. In short, is your virtual receptionist and service provider.

The benefit to your business

MORE PROSPECTS and BETTER SERVICE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Present a highly profesional image to your customers and prospects. As a small company you are able to provide a more personalised, efficient service to you customers. We give you the time to do that while ensuring your "front-office" has the best possible image...

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