Who is ?

opened it's doors in 1995 as Bateleur Executive Services cc (our registered name). We started in small offices in Sloane Street, Bryanston and later moved to Homestead Avenue where we shared premises with one of our customers. In August 2011 we moved to our latest premises in Conduit Street, Johannesburg North.

The technology we use.

When we moved to Homestead Ave in 1996, we had the latest technology with a sophisticated switchboard, connected to a dedicated "Z-Screen" cable from Telkom. After many years of use, this switchboard is now "old-fashioned" and prone to all the usual problems facing businesses in South Africa. Cable theft, bulldozers unearthing the cables, Eskom power failures and problems getting switchboard faults fixed quickly, convinced us that it was time to upgrade again. This necessitated our latest move, and now we use digital equiment, supplied by fibre optic cables and the "last mile" to our premises is wireless. Try digging that up....

Our customers.

We started because start-up and small businesses often cannot justify a full time person answering phones. Yet to a small company, ensuring all potential customer calls are answered is critical to the success of the business.

Since 1995 we have serviced a variety of satisfied clients. With mixed feelings, we have said good-bye to many of them as they have grown into companies able to afford their own receptionist. For some, we still provide a service for the times when their receptionist is on lunch, sick or on vacation. Some have used our service for more than 15 years due to the nature of their business. We are proud to have been part of their success story.

We strive to provide a personalised and professional service which matches and compliments the specific requirements of your business.

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